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Allies, a membership-based organization that helps business leaders and owners cultivate and manage thriving professional relationships, found itself bogged down by the complexities of managing its day-to-day operations. The sheer volume of spreadsheets and scattered contact information made it increasingly difficult to efficiently serve their growing membership of over 1,500 individuals.

Recur Helped Allies Streamline Operations and Boost Revenue

Allies, a community organization with over 1,500 members, was previously spending too much time on customer communications instead of focusing on their core mission of serving their members' needs. By consolidating their tools and adopting Recur, Allies was able to:

  • Double Revenue and Save $1,000/Month

Recur's powerful features allowed Allies to streamline their operations, leading to a doubling of their revenue. Additionally, by consolidating their other tools with Recur, Allies was able to save $1,000 per month, further boosting their bottom line.

  • Centralize Customer Information and Engagement Tracking

With Recur, Allies was able to keep all of their contact information in one place, making it easier to manage their 1,500+ members. Recur's analytics allowed Allies to quickly identify which contacts were actively engaged, and they were able to organize these members into easy-to-manage groups, simplifying communication about upcoming activities.

  • Data-Driven Insights for Optimizing Offerings

Recur's analytics provided Allies with valuable insights into which of their activities were the most popular and had the best return on investment (ROI). Additionally, Recur's survey capabilities helped Allies gather feedback from their members, allowing them to refine and define new offerings and services that better meet their customers' needs. By leveraging Recur's comprehensive suite of tools, Allies was able to streamline their operations, boost revenue, and better serve their growing community of over 1,500 members. The organization is now able to focus more on their core mission, confident that Recur is helping them manage their customer communications and optimize their offerings.

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