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Helping their customers improve the Emotional Intelligence of their employees, Vibeonix is affecting everything you think, feel and do in life! Without having to be burdened and encumbered with sending multiple messages from various platforms and duplicating replies, Vibeonix can focus on the important stuff... helping users get personalized insights into their emotional intelligence.

Vibeonix uses Recur to help spread the word to it's subscribers and affiliated trainers about new features and tools they offer to help their employees improve self-awareness, self-control, and develop stronger interpersonal skills.

By using Recur, Vibeonix is able to reach a wider audience with their message and help their subscribers be the best they can be.

Here are some of the benefits that Vibeonix has experienced by using Recur:

  • Increased reach: Recur has helped Vibeonix reach a wider audience with their message. They have seen an increase in website traffic and social media engagement since using Recur.

  • Improved brand awareness: Recur has helped Vibeonix improve their brand awareness. Their members are now more aware of the new features and tools that Vibeonix offers.

  • Increased engagement: Recur has helped Vibeonix increase engagement with their subscribers. In turn, their subscribers are now more likely to share Vibeonix's content with their employees.

  • Increased sales: Recur has helped Vibeonix increase sales. Their members are now more likely to renew Vibeonix's products and services.

Overall, Vibeonix has been very happy with the results they have seen from using Recur. As a valuable tool for businesses, Recur helps them reach their audience more consistently, improving brand awareness, and increasing engagement and sales.

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