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Coworking Communities

Community Management Made Simple

Coworking Communities

Hey there, trendsetting coworking space! As the coolest kid on the block offering a prime shared office setup, you still face some crucial challenges - building a real community vibe, having the flexibility to accommodate growth spurts smoothly, and continuously attracting new members to keep that momentum going strong. But don't sweat it, because an awesome platform like Recur has got your back with powerful tools to nurture your loyal tribe through targeted messaging, scale up seamlessly by centralizing customer data and operations, and automate campaigns to have new members flocking your way. By letting Recur handle community building, scalability, and member acquisition, you can focus on being the co-working royalty that you are while this game-changing solution elevates your space to new heights of awesomeness.

Nurture Your Tribe

Imagine having a direct line to your loyal community at all times - Recur's texting and email tools let you ping your crew instantly with updates, insider scoops, and exclusive offers they'll love.
Never lose touch again. Recur chronicles every conversation you've had with customers, so you can easily re-engage and make them feel valued.
Segment your contacts into neat little groups for hyper-targeted messaging that resonates. Your dance crew gets those Zumba class updates, while the yogi gang hears about new meditation events.

Grow Without Growing Pains

As your business expands, Recur stretches to accommodate you. This all-in-one platform centralizes emails, texts, events, reviews, sales, and invoicing - no more juggling separate systems!
Stay agile and give customers a seamless experience, even as you scale. Recur lets you manage all customer data, payment histories, and employee notes in one tidy place.
Effortlessly transition new customers into your well-oiled operations. Recur's flexibility allows you to onboard clients smoothly as you acquire them.

Attract Your Next Wave of Fans

Get people hyped about your offerings with punchy text and email campaigns promoting new classes, discounts, and more through Recur's automated tools.
Identify and nurture those warm leads until they're raving, paid-up members using Recur's prospect management capabilities.
Recur gives you hard data on your most engaging messages so you can double down on what works to keep that new member pipeline flowing.

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