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Fitness Studio

Studio Management Made Simple

Fitness Studio

Hey there, Studio owner or manager. Are you drowning in administrative tasks – managing class schedules, handling billing, and trying to keep up with member communication across multiple platforms? With Recur, all that can change. Recur allows you to effortlessly manage your entire studio from one platform. Send automated class reminders and updates, track member attendance, and even handle payments – all in one place. Recur's intuitive interface has saves so much time, allowing to focus on what you love – motivating your members to reach their fitness goals.

Personalized Member Communication

Recur's automated texting and email tools allow you to send personalized class updates, motivational messages, and exclusive offers to your members, keeping them engaged and coming back for more.

Streamlined Class Management

With Recur, managing your class schedule is a breeze. Create, edit, and manage your schedule effortlessly, while members can easily book and cancel classes. Plus, tracking attendance has never been easier.

Simplified Billing and Payment Processing

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and billing headaches with Recur. Easily track member payments, set up recurring billing, and generate invoices – all from one platform. With Recur, managing your studio's revenue has never been easier.

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